Raise your hand if you can remember the last time you prioritized time for yourself.

Put your hand down if that time was actually a stolen moment because you felt like you were going to explode if you didn’t-just-get-a-break-right-now-or-else.

Yeah, we’ve been there. It’s tough to prioritize yourself when you’re a busy entrepreneur, mother, sister, daughter, volunteer, friend…well, anything. We live in a fast-paced world and it is easy for us to get caught up in #allthethings on our to-do lists. Let’s start with hiding your to-do list for an hour and set up a soul session. We will rejuvenate your soul, discuss how to keep yourself at the forefront of your priority and how to maximize the time you spend on business and those pesky to-dos.

Connect Your Passions

All of your passions live together in your heart, but pull you in different directions, leaving you scattered & a hot mess.

Crush Your Mindset

You’ve heard how mindset  can change your life but have you actually figured out how to maintain it?

Cultivate Your Flaws

Do more than accept your flaws; love them and use them to connect with your community.

You need Soul Sessions in your life if…

…you spend more time saying you need to take time for yourself than actually taking time for yourself.

…you feel lost, drained and overwhelmed on a daily basis.

…you can’t figure out why your motivation to chase your dreams is suddenly gone.

…everything is too much for you.

…you are ready to make yourself a priority.

…you are done throwing pity parties for yourself.

…you want to be your truest and most connected self.

I'm In Crisis, Help Me STAT!

  • One 40-minute soul session
  • Self-Care Prioritization Plan
  • Online and video check-ins

Confidence is my word

  • Everything from I’m in Crisis
  • Six 40-minute soul sessions
  • Personalized and Flexible

Soul-pacts: How rejuvenated you could feel

The impact on your soul and your mindset is out of this world! Here’s what people are saying

Everyone is great!  I was telling my mom about how great this group was and she could tell how passionate everyone was and how much I am enjoying this group.

Jenn B.

I love that all the of the coaches has a different focus and all are very attentive and supportive. It is so obvious that this program is their top priority and they take the time to connect with you one on one.

Lindsey A.

The coaches are very helpful and everyone in the group has been super supportive. It’s nice to be part of a group where you feel like you belong.

Pamela H.