We are so excited you’ve found your way to this page. Start here in the middle of your life, the part where you’re a little bit lost and need some direction because you know you’re destined for more.

There needs to be ONE place to get the support you need. You’re busy trying to balance life and business and more. Shield Sisters know there is more to your life than your business persona and systems. You need systems so you can have time to cherish the other parts of life. You deserve clarity, confidence and self-love.

Together, we’ve got your back. Together we will hold your hand, wipe your tears, find solutions and thrive. Together we will change the world for business women. Together we will show the world that fempreneurs are not side-hustlers, but purpose-driven women with dreams. Together, we will show the world that women can support other women without comparison and without jealousy. Become a part of this fiery, passionate, and supportive sisterhood of women.

Around here, we focus on manifesting self-love because we believe that all other forms of love stem from within. We want to empower you to embrace self-love and go on to empower others around you.

How do we do that? Well, we’ve got a bunch of goodies for you – like a strong community of female entrepreneurs ready to hold your hand as you embark on this journey, a podcast to help you find where your passion meets your truth, swag to remind you to do it afraid, and even 1:1 coaching if you need a little extra help.

Click around the site and you’ll find the tools you need to be the best version of yourself!



Self-love is hands down our biggest journey in life. If you are not actively on this journey, you are not fully living your life. You deserve to love yourself.

Shield Sisters know that self-love is not a journey that you have to take alone. We are not meant to go through this life alone.

You’re in the right place if you are a female entrepreneur (or want to be!)…

…who is seeking a community of support beyond just business tips, promotion or collaboration.

…who is seeking a place to go where everyone understands the entrepreneur #strugglebus

…who is seeking a place where you’re reminded to take care of yourself first and that your mindset is everything.

…who is seeking a place where everyone is a bit of a hot mess.

We do it afraid with a cup of coffee (or tea) in hand and authenticity on our lips.


Are you ready to be a shield sister?

Sisterhood is a tough find when society repeatedly teaches women to compare. We have the world against us as we launch our own businesses and blogs, looking for some way to follow our dreams. But this is our time. Together, we can do more than succeed. We can thrive!

How Embracing My Inner Queen Changed My Life

When we started the Warrior Queen movement in high school, I thought I was acting like a queen. I would not bend or break for anyone. I was who I was, unashamedly. Until my whole world fell apart as I began to navigate adulthood. But that was a high school fantasy. I...
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How Your Posture And Confidence Are Connected

Posture has a large effect on confidence and outward projection to the world. As a chiropractor, I have experienced this with my patients, as well as in my personal life. Strong posture sends a signal to your environment but it also has the ability to change your...
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Honoring 5 Of the Most Influential Women in History

As Women's History Month is coming to a close, we could not let the month go by without introducing our top 5 favorite influential women in history! There are SO many amazing women role models who have been recognized, yet there are countless others who still stand in...
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How to Use Deep Breathing as an Entrepreneur

Stepping into the elevator before your big meeting, you feel your heart start to race. As your chest begins to tighten, you whisper to yourself, “Relax. Deep breaths.” Though you may not be consciously aware of the power of breathing deeply, your instincts are...
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Defeating the Self-Sabotage Gremlins

We are all guilty of it at one time or another, listening to those little thoughts niggling at us. Thoughts that stop us soaring to the awesome heights we’re capable of. I know I’ve done it on numerous occasions, listened to the gremlins chattering in my ear. You...
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10 Years On Your Self-Love Journey

It's crazy to think that 2017 marks my tenth year of actively pursuing self-love. Ten years of working every day to accept my flaws, to take the word "crazy" out of my self-talk vocabulary and those are just the ones that I spend the most time on. That's also ten...
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SSI January Book Club: Feisty and Fearless

We started 2017 with a great book geared toward empowering women to be leaders. In the wake of the Women's March and turmoil in America, we think it was an important read to show us that we can be leaders without the stigma society often puts on women leaders. We...
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How to Recognize Overwhelm Before Burning Out

Unless you pay attention to your cues and clues, burn out is inevitable no matter if it is in a relationship, business, school, passion project or another event. Your body and mind will always need to take a break when it gets overwhelmed and learning how to recognize...
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3 Business Lessons I Learned From the Trolls Movie

On Black Friday, I took my daughter to watch the movie Trolls. She had been asking about it since we saw the preview in August so I was happy to finally be able to take her. Sitting in a dark theater with her in my lap, it was quite a different scene than when I was...
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How to Lead an Intentional Life in this Digital Age

Intention. I feel like that word is thrown around like confetti. It's  not the only word taking center stage as the new year rushes in: I'm hearing mindset, goaldigger and balance every other sentence, too. This excites me. These words are the gateway to leading a...
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Raewyn Sangari

Raewyn Sangari


With soul talks, girl dates and coffee fueling her soul, Raewyn is the founder of Shield Sisters Initiative, an online community for female entrepreneurs seeking support on prioritizing self-love and a positive mindset. Vulnerable and strong  are two words often used to describe her. She’s raw and real because being something else is not as much fun!

Raewyn is a mama bear to a strong-willed Warrior Queen toddler and wife to her high school best friend. For over 10 years, Raewyn has mentored girls and women, empowering them to embrace self-love.

“Every woman is a strong woman capable of self-love, self-confidence and achieving the goals in the deepest corners of her heart.”