A few weeks ago, I wrote about how to celebrate Galentine’s Day with your besties. If you’re like me, you probably also love to shower your friends in gifts. So here are my favorite gifts. Some are super affordable (and from my shop) and others are on the pricier size, but they’re all about sisterhood, women supporting women and #CommunityOverCompetition. Which is totally our jam at Shield Sisters Initiative. To visit the links, just click the headers!

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1 // You Can Sit With US Tote – Shield Sisterhood Summit 2017

($12.00)  Sisterhood is everything and inclusivity is totally our thing. So what better way to let everyone know that you are a huge supporter of sisterhood. We originally launched this tote during the Shield Sisterhood Summit but it was such a hit we brought it back into the shop.

2 // Sparkle Hustle Grow Box*

($39.95) This one is perfect for your biz bestie. Each box has of 4 to 6 items to inspire you and help you and your business grow. Things like books, planners, tech items and chic office supplies. You also get an online business training that will help you grow as a female entrepreneur, a book to help you work on your personal development and business skills and access to an exclusive subscriber community.

($24.95) The Mini-Mailer is perfect for the budget-conscious boss lady that still values personal development & learning new business skills. These come with an online business training that will help you grow as a female entrepreneur, a book to help you work on your personal development and business skills and access to the exclusive subscriber community.

3 // A Galentine’s Day Card

($3.00+) One of our Shield Sisters hand designed these beautiful Galentine’s Cards! They’ll be the icing on the cake to any Galentine’s Day gift.

4 // ClassPass Membership*

($40-$115) My favorite way (and really the only way) that I work out is if I have a friend with me! Why not get your friend a month of classes through ClassPass. ClassPass allows you to attend several gyms and classes in a month without having a membership to those studios. It’s perfect if you want to try everything from yoga and barre to cycling and Pilates!

5 // Footie PJs & Sisterhood Pillowcase

($14.00) The perfect sleepover pillowcase, am I right? I’m obsessed with Footie PJs and Sisterhood, so naturally this pillowcase comes with me to all of my sleepovers!

6 // Alively Box*

($39.95) Are you ready to shower your bestie with the SELF-LOVE she deserves in February? The February theme for this beautiful care package for moms is Love & Hormones and it will be brimming with goodies designed to give the tools and support needed to tell your hormones who’s boss. (spoiler alert: it’s you!)  The bonus? Every single Alively box contains an exclusive training from top wellness experts tailored to the unique needs of moms. This month’s expert training is titled: Food, Mood & Hormones: How Your Diet Affects Your Crazy. Grab $5 with LOVEME at checkout.

7 // Likes Sisterhood, Self-Love and Crowns Tote

($12.00) Our first tote was such a hit, we thought we would create another! Plus, it’s the best way to carry all of your groceries at the store! (Especially if plastic bags are banned like they are in California!)

8 // What the World Needs Now Tee

($28.00) This t-shirt is perfect for your world changer bestie! I have the sweatshirt and a different Hudson Lillian Designs tee and they are THE MOST COMFORTABLE. Plus, as the owner Ashleigh says, they are always long enough to cover your granny panties.

9 // Straighten Your Crown, Queen

($8.00) Remind our best friend that she’s a queen, even on the roughest days! You can also print this out for free if you click on the link!

10 // White Hot Truth Digital Bundle*

($18.00)  This was one of our Shield Sisters Book Club picks the summer of 2017 and it was SO GOOD. Rooted in compassion, feminism, and spiritual activism White Hot Truth is an intimate and (hilariously) relatable account of self-help adventures gone wrong and breakthroughs that made it all right, Danielle LaPorte cheerleads us, Soul Seekers, to tap our own wisdom by having a good laugh, and maybe a good cry, at all the ways we’ve been trying to improve on our self-improvement. Here’s to clarity and keeping it real on your spiritual path..

11 // All The Heart Eyes Notebook

($12.00) Whether you’re new to gratitude journals or bullet journaling, or an old pro, who wouldn’t love to use a notebook that reminds you to have all of the heart eyes?

12 // Soul Stamp Affirmation Make Up Bag

($15.00) For your makeup loving best friend, grab this black makeup bag (so it doesn’t get dirty!). The gold affirmation makes it perfect for those rough mornings.

13 // Uplevel Your Sisterhood

($15.00) Our Shield Sisters Initiative membership, Uplevel Your Sisterhood, is the perfect gift for your best friend! We communicate daily using Voxer and have a monthly class focused on self-love, community or business each month. For this month only, all new members will be given the option of sending a 1 month free code to their bestie! Buy one, gift one style!


What are you getting your besties for Galentine’s Day? Don’t forget to grab my printable Galentine’s Day cards!

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