20 years ago, businesses take years to build and lots of financial capital to grow. The process of an idea then execution then customer feedback took some time, which then affects how the business grows.
As you well know, that’s not the case anymore. The internet has shrunk that process. You can have a great idea, and within hours have a website up, and the next day can chat with your ideal customer. You can start building a business and grow it in a couple of days! You can literally have a business idea, minimal capital (if not at all), then a week later have a paying customer. And that customer can be across the street, across town, or in a different country! 
Interestingly enough, in my line of business, I encounter many entrepreneurs who are not harnessing the power of technology. Some are intimidated by it, and others are not aware that “something that like that exists.” Whatever it is that you can think of, I can guarantee you “there’s an app for that!”
Here are three ways that you can leverage technology RIGHT NOW, to start growing your business.

1) Use social media auto-scheduling.

This is by far the most easiest to implement, and yet not many emerging entrepreneurs are implementing it. There are lots of tools that you can use to auto-post on social media. my favorite is Buffer. Of course, there’s meet Edgar, HootSuite, etc. The best part about auto-scheduling – it allows you to engage more in your favorite platform because you’re not worrying about posting on other platforms.
3 ways to harness the power of the internet to grow your business
Take my twitter feed for example (twitter handle: @k_shenz). Using buffer, I populate that feed to drive traffic to my site. Set it and forget it. Unless I get an important DM from an influencer on twitter, I spend about 15 minutes a week. And my followers keep growing!
Facebook has their own scheduler. I recommend you use that if you’re planning to automate your page posts. You get more engagement, and you don’t have that annoying “posted by” under your Page name.

2) Have an automatic Lead Generation in Place.

This is probably the most underused but most effective one to put in place.  Automating this process allows you to automate lead generation. Set it, forget it, and improve it based on market response. 
What does the process entail? Well, a freebie (or a lead magnet) to attract your lead to join your tribe. Then an auto-responder (a series of automated emails sent at a scheduled time) so you can start building a relationship with the new lead. Finally, don’t hesitate to sell in your emails.
You’re running a business, and you need to make money.
Tools: There are tons out there. For your website, there are plugins like optin monster, thrive leads, etc. For landing pages, there’s leadpages, clickfunnels, unbounce, etc. For email marketing, there’s mailchimp, aweber, active campaign (my personal favorite), etc.

3) Create Evergreen Content. 

Doing this consistently, once a week, twice a week, heck – daily!, will get your brand out there faster and spread it like wildfire.  This is how podcast, bloggers, etc. build an audience – providing consistent, evergreen content. It’s not easy, I struggle with it myself, but when I post something new, it increases my following thus increasing my audience base.
Combining all three of these things will definitely help you grow your business and get your brand out there. Even with just one piece of content, shared through your automated scheduling, can generate new leads for you – from just that ONE CONTENT.
Isn’t technology amazing!?

I help female entrepreneurs grow their business, lift heavy weights, and loving on my family. Our family of four lives in Sunny Southern California, where below 60 is considered cold and over 70 is considered hot. You can find me sharing my brilliance at Huffington Post and Grateful Solutions (www.gratefulsolutions.com). My goal is to help you grow your business and increase your impact by leveraging automation using marketing funnels.