It’s 2016, but not everyone has a blog. It’s honestly a little mind blowing to me, since I’ve seen firsthand the benefits that accumulate from having a blog! I know that it’s a time-suck, and I know that it’s complicated. Rather, it can seem complicated. I hear you. When I first started my WordPress blog, it was NOT sunshine and rainbows. It can be done, however, and it should be done. Keep reading to see five excellent reasons your business should have a blog!

4 Reasons Your Business Should Have a Blog

A blog builds authority.

No joke. Simply because I wrote a single blog post on how I went from 0-5k blog views in six months, I had readers emailing me and asking questions. Because it was well-written, included examples, and was full of ways that they could do the same thing, it built authority. Why is building authority so important? Well, honestly, anyone can write a blog. Your cat could probably write a blog. It’s what you write ABOUT that sets you apart from other bloggers and starts to build that reputation that you need in order to gain clients or customers. Let me make one point very obvious: great content can bring in clients and customers. Repeatedly. Exciting, right? Here’s kind of how it works:

Helpful Blog Post > Opt-in With Freebie > Freebie is Delivered > Indoctrination Sequence Begins > Ends with Pitch > Authority is Taken Seriously > Reader Becomes Customer/Client

A blog opens you up to Pinterest’s unlimited opportunities.

Yes, you can be on Pinterest without a blog. However, what sorts of content will you be pinning that is your own and that is authentically you without a blog? Your business should have a blog because you need to build your own authority with your own words, ideas, and products. When you visit BuzzFeed, you’re on a blog. When you visit HelloGiggles, you’re on a blog. When you go to the Huffington Post, you’re on a blog. These blogs have skyrocketed success for the founders.

You are instantly introduced to a different, but thriving, market.

There is a whole new world (*sings*) out there with tons and tons of bloggers who are very likely looking for what you’re offering, but haven’t found it in their circles yet. Why? Because they frequent blogs. That’s their thing. They blog. Without a blog post telling them what they should do and why, they potentially won’t ever see your offerings.

In addition to this, you open yourself up to unlimited shares. Especially if your blog post solves a problem or heals a hurt.

A blog builds your email list.

You’ve heard the phrase, “The money is in the list”, right? It’s true. As a business owner, you need an email list to market to.

By offering freebies that solve a problem with your readers, you can effectively build your email list. You can do this quite fast if you offer a high quality opt-in. Need some ideas for high quality opt-ins? Here are just a few off the top of my head:

  • Five page workbook
  • A free masterclass
  • Free graphics
  • Free photo-packs
  • Detailed guides

I hope this helped solve some question you may have had about why your business should have a blog! Check out our other business posts and keep reading!