This month’s topic is so fitting because time management has been a big focus for us in the past month. If you remember, we did a challenge last month that focused on time management and productivity. We’re in the process of turning this into a course, (which, you can stay tuned here.)

In addition to focusing on productivity last month, I upped the ante in my virtual assistant business with a large new number of clients and projects, making this necessary. So, of course, I wanted to share with you everything I’ve learned. Hopefully, this helps you prep for the beginning of the school year and get you ready for any craziness that will  happen with the winter season.

Why You Should Set Time Management Goals

Without clearly defined time management goals, it is easy to get distracted or off track. For example, just writing this post has taken me longer than planned because my brother has a movie on in the living room and this is my “office.” Setting time management goals enhances both your productivity and creativity. This makes it easier for you to live the life that you want, to explore your passions and feel enriched.


What is Time Management?

Obviously, it is the way you manage your time. It goes beyond just writing in a planner what you intend to do for the day. It includes setting priorities, actively blocking out time, auditing your time and allowing yourself grace. Time management is more of a mindset than anything else.

For some, time management is an art form. They understand that balance is not something to strive for because it really does not exist. Time management takes equal parts go-with-the-flow and plan-it-all-out.


Setting Time Management Goals

The first step is to do a time audit. Spend a week tracking where you spend your time. Once you’ve had it tracked (and, the more specific you are the better) you are better able to see where you have pockets to cut something out, prioritize or where you have room to add something in.

The next step is to set anttainable work periods.  Generally, I do that through time blocking, using apps like Forest and the Pomodoro Method. When time blocking, it is always best to add at least 15 minutes on either side to give yourself grace. This 15 minutes is important before and after because it allows for you to prepare and get into a productive mindset, leaves space for anything running over and, if you end up with this extra 15 minutes, that is a great amount of time for some self-care.


Finding Resources

Recently, I have partnered with quite a few amazing women who are beasts at time management. This list is just the beginning for you, but they have some great resources.

Mallory Schlabach is an amazing entrepreneur that I met through some friend recommendations in Boss Moms. Last week, I had a 20-minute fitting call with her and she is ah-mazing.

Brittany Dixon is a productivity coach who also does in-home organization.

Even if you are not ready to jump into coaching, each of them offers some amazing checklists and freebies.

Time to Become a Better You

With your time managed in a way that decreases your stress, you’re able to become a better you. Understanding the way that time affects us isn’t always the easiest, but knowing that you are trading energy in that time makes it a bit easier.

When we have our time managed in a way that works for us – and in a way that gives us grace and flexibility – we are able to do better for ourselves. We may even be able to achieve a sense of peace and acceptance.


What time management will you be working on this month?


Shield Sisters Initiative Goals


  • Complete sales funnels for the course & the fall virtual summit.
  • Finish all of the recordings for the fall summit.
  • New credit union bank account, P.O. box and renew any biz/legal things

Where Passion Meets Truth

  • Edit and schedule early in the month
  • Keep up with
  • Secure sponsors for the rest of summer << we still have some spots!!

Self-Love & Life

  • Add yoga into my daily routine
  • Read 3 books


What are your goals? Link up or comment below!!

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