Big life changes can sometimes leave us feeling a little lost. Becoming a mom did two things for Raewyn: it left her a little lost but it also, lit a fire under her passion. She stopped being scared and decided to take the jump. Even after that, she was still scared. But we do it afraid here. 

So let’s get started this week. Today. Now. No matter if you feel like you’ve started and stalled so many times, we’re here to tell ya, this journey is never going to be perfect. But it’s your journey to live and we want to be there supporting you!

You will know when it’s time to overcome your fears and setbacks. But we want to encourage you to start today because we only want to see you succeed! The only thing that you can’t spend your time dragging your feet on is self-love. 

Join the sanctuary!

The prompts made me think and even encouraged me to make some decisions about my life and what’s most important to me. I highly recommend taking a few moments out of your day to complete the prompts! You don’t have to get fancy with them – I often just grabbed the closest piece of paper and wrote down a few thoughts. It’s not about the process but rather what you get out of it!
Pam Hodges

Pam Hodges Creative

Self-Love and Sisterhood Go Hand in Hand

Sisterhood is a tough find when society repeatedly teaches women to compare. We have the world against us as we launch our own businesses and blogs, looking for some way to follow our dreams. But this is our time. Together, we can do more than succeed. We can thrive!

You’re busy trying to balance life and business and more. Shield Sisters know there is more to your life than your business persona and systems. You need systems so you can have time to cherish the other parts of life. You need clarity, confidence and self-love.


You need this sanctuary.


You need this support.


You need The Shield Sisters Initiative.


Together, we’ve got your back. Together we will hold your hand, wipe your tears, find solutions and thrive. Together we will change the world for business women. Together we will show the world that fempreneurs are not some side hustle but a way of life. Together, we will show the world that women can support other women without comparison and without jealousy. Become a part of this fiery, passionate, and supportive sisterhood of women. Become a world changer.