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Discover your self-love journey

Embracing Your Inner Queen in Five takes you through the five areas of self-love: confidence in your mind, nourishment of your soul, body love, building your community & supporting it.

Actively practice daily self-care

You don’t have to have hours to spare for self-care. We’ll share some of the most impactful daily practices that only take a few minutes throughout the day.

Live your fullest & realest life

Intentional living relies heavily on trusting yourself, actively practicing self-care & building your community. Self-love is not a journey you are meant to take alone.

 Set your coffee pot to brew 5 cups of coffee because we are going to fast-track your self-love journey in as little as 5 coffee cups (or glasses of wine, if you’re feeling carefree!)

In this five-module course, you will learn the basics of self-love and begin to fill your toolbox with our go-to self-love tools.

  • 5 modules complete with videos and challenges
  • A 20+ page workbook
  • a copy of Love This Journal | and Yourself
  • a 30-minute follow-up call with me!

Want more out of the course? Upgrade to the Gratitude Bundle!