A 5 week group program to modify negative self-talk

Are you a hot mess? Crazy? Lazy? Awkward? Stupid? Careless? Selfish? Stubborn?

Did any of those jump out at you as a word that you often use to describe yourself, even off-hand?
Do you find yourself saying something like “You’re so stupid!” or “You’re so lazy” under your breath when you mess up?
GIRRRRLLL, you know that’s not who you really are. But for some reason you just can’t shake that negative word coming back every time you mess up. It’s like a vocabulary staple and once you realize it you absolutely hate it.
One word can easily affect us in so many ways. It’s a bit mindblowing when you realize how one word has been holding you back from everything. This one word can hold you back on your self-love journey, in your career or business, in your relationships and, even, in trying new hobbies. WHAAAAAAT? How can we let one word hold so much power over us?
It’s simple. It sneaks up on us without us even realizing it. Before we know it, it’s moved into our house, sharing our bed and we’re in this awesome codependent relationship with this word. This word becomes a defining word for you and you don’t even question it anymore.
But it doesn’t have to be like that! You don’t HAVE to have this word in your life. You can end that dependency on it, embrace your truths and grow your self-love. This word is not an absolute truth. This word does not define you.


It’s time for you to throw that word away in 2018 and uplevel your self-talk. Wouldn’t you agree?

Jump aboard the Hot Mess Express


We’re leaving the station with all of our baggage on January 8th and somewhere along the way we’ll throw all of that baggage out the window.


On February 8th, we’ll arrive at our destination – a gorgeous place full of self-love and sisterhood. Our new bags will be packed with a positive word bank, systems, and a strong support system. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

Identify your negative word or phrase

In the first week, we will work on digging into that word and identifying your triggers whenever you use your word.

Accept & release the negative connotation

The secret key to letting go anything negative is to actually accept, work through it and release. Why do you choose that word?

Replace the words you use in your daily self-talk

Once you’ve accepted that word, you’re probably still going to struggle with the release. That is, until you replace it.

Embrace systems & habits to maintain 

Our words (both thought and spoken) guide our habits and systems. Creating new habits begins with replacing your words.

The words you use are powerful

Not just in how you speak to others about yourself, but also in the words you use within your head. Our thoughts are the first step into action toward following our dreams and living our best lives. Our words have the ability to shape our lives completely. Your words can either hold you back or catapult you into greatness. Where is it that you want to be?  

What’s Included:

  • a welcome mixer & 4 group meetings
  • workbook & actionable homework
  • a private Facebook community with daily check-ins
  • a recap week with bonus guest experts
  • one month access to Uplevel Your Sisterhood, our membership community, following the program

Uplevel Your Sisterhood

Take your sisterhood to the next level
  • daily voxer check-ins monthly masterclass workbooks & exclusive freebies discount to the Shield Sisters shop community of women

“Crazy” held me back

When I was younger, I really connected to the word crazy. I thought that it had both positive and negative connotations. Of course, I only identified with the positive connotation. I used to tell people that I was “good crazy” because I even had a scale for craziness. Good crazy meant that I would fight for what I believed in, but I wouldn’t cross the line into overboard. Good crazy encompassed my anxiety disorder. Bad crazy was the overzealous girlfrined meme, if you know what I mean. I didn’t realize I was still dismissing myself by even using the term crazy. There is no gray area with words like this. It’s black and white. Crazy means mentally unstable. Whether I was “good mentally unstable” or not, I was still telling myself that I was mentally unstable. The same applies with terms like hot mess, stupid, lazy, etc. If the general definition of the word is negative, you’re still going to harbor negative feelings toward the word. You’re holding yourself back. You’re dismissing yourself. You’re telling yourself you aren’t even worthy to sit at the table. And, girl, you are SO worthy of sitting at the table and driving your own car.

Raewyn Sangari

self-love community builder

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?
You know something has to be done to take you from where you are to where you want to be. You’ve been reading self-help books, listening to meditations and open to trying anything.  You picked a word for 2018 and you don’t want to fail at your resolutions. You want to make a change. You have $100 to spend on yourself in the next month and you know that you totally are worth it.
What if I identify more than one word or phrase that is holding me back?
We will get to the root of the words that you are using. We will find the strongest one and work through that. The same method can be applied to any other words or phrases that come up!
What if I begin to use that word or phrase again after the program is completed?
The nature of this program is that it will provide you with the tools you need whenever you find a phrase or word that is holding you back. In addition to the workbook that can be used again and again, you will also be set up with your sisterhood who can always offer insight and feedback to continue to support you. Self-love is your life’s journey. You will always have ebbs and flows and moments and thoughts that will hold you back. Self-awareness is the key part we will be working on.
Why is this a group program?
Everything we do at Shield Sisters Initiative revolves around your sisterhood and your tribe. We believe that having the proper support system is integral to living your best life. It is natural to struggle with doubt and negativity. We can easily get sucked into the rabbit hole and things like these words and phrases hold us back. This program is a group program because we will be working alongside one another on our negative self-talk. We will rely on each other for feedback and insights that we can’t see when we are in the thick of it.
Why does it cost $88?
When I decided to start this program, I knew I wanted it to cost less than $100. I wanted it to cost less than grabbing a coffee from Starbucks every day. I felt drawn to the number 88 for some reason, and decided it worked perfectly because the program would run from January 8th to February 8th. Plus, the Angel Number 8 is strongly connected to karma – specifically to ending negativity. How crazy is that?
What qualifies you to lead this program?
The best part about this is that I’m in the trenches with you. A true leader is constantly working on themselves and no one is immune to negative self-talk. I’ve been working on this method for almost 10 years in my personal life and among my friends and family. I will be pulling from this experience and my research on the power of words throughout this program.
Where will the group meetings take place?
Group meetings will take place on Zoom, which can be used on computer, tablet or phone with or without video.
Who are the guest experts?
These wonderful ladies will be announced as soon as I receive confirmation of their availability!
Will there be additional resources following the program?
Heck yeah! Not only will you have the community and access to my other workbooks, but I will also be giving you access to the Uplevel Your Sisterhood membership community for one month. Uplevel Your Sisterhood includes a monthly masterclass and daily Voxer check-ins.