When we started the Warrior Queen movement in high school, I thought I was acting like a queen. I would not bend or break for anyone. I was who I was, unashamedly. Until my whole world fell apart as I began to navigate adulthood.

But that was a high school fantasy. I was on my way to becoming queen, but I wasn’t quite there yet. We all have to start somewhere, right? I think that all of us go through a stage like this – we are discovering who we are, how far our boundaries and beliefs go and what new things we will try. To be honest, I think that the period after high school and college are most common for this to happen, but it can and will happen anytime – even multiple times throughout your life.

I embrace the term queen because I think that each of us has a queen inside of us. We may not be “royal” blood, yet we can be warrior queens.

At first, I thought I would be like Xena or Joan of Arc, yet I soon learned that when I embraced my inner queen, I became more like Elizabeth. Cleopatra. Isabel. Those that have fought both with grace and a fierceness. Those that have proudly changed the world.

That inner queen is inside of us all. How do we tap into it? How do we embrace it?

These are a few of the things that snowballed when I began to embrace my inner queen.

I stopped waiting for permission.

This is the first step, and it is absolutely monumental. So many of us go through the day waiting and asking for permission without even realizing it. How often have you waited to make a decision in your business when you are the sole owner? How often have you waited to make a decision in your home or child’s life because you are waiting for someone to give you permission…perhaps even permission to bring up the discussion with your partner?

Yes! So many times do we wait for decisions to be made and permission to be granted when we do not need it. Repeat this with me: I do not need to ask for permission to run my business or my life. I am embracing my inner queen. (Tweet that!)

The moment I stopped waiting for permission to make moves and to change the world…

The moment I became confident in myself and my abilities to help others…

The moment I stopped asking “what if”…

I started chasing my dreams.

Would you believe that I knew in my heart how I wanted to change the world, but I couldn’t see my path, so I waited?

How many of you have felt that? You feel your calling but you don’t know the path so you wait?

It’s okay to raise your hand. I’ve done it. Sometimes we wait because that is what feels right, and waiting is okay. (We just run into the problem when we are waiting for permission!)

When our path is unclear, we can sit frozen in fear, but that doesn’t make dreams come true. Every day, queens make decisions without knowing all of the answers to their “what ifs.” Every day WE make decisions without knowing all of the answers.

Do you see how you have that queen inside of you? Do you see how that changed my life?

I became a person things happened to.

This sounds like a bad thing, but it really is all in the way you look at it. Yes, bad things have happened to me. Things have put me in an uncomfortable spot. Have my dreams come true? Is my life absolute bliss?

No, but that is and never could be a reality. My life is a roller coaster, as is every life. But I’m a firm believer that things will happen and it is what you make of it.

Greatness happens every day. Tragedy happens every day. When things start to happen “to you” think of the wording you use.

For example, when I was still in college, I was on my way to an internship interview and my truck started acting funny. I thought to myself, “I am never going to make it to this interview,” as some men pushed my truck up a hill and I called a tow truck. Miraculously, the tow truck arrived in less than half hour (when does that happen??) and seemingly could not fix it. But, then he actually had the part I needed and within another 10 minutes I was on my way and made it to the internship on time. During that internship – something I had dreamed of forever – I started dating my husband. I worked impossibly long hours, attended more than the maximum class units allowed and still managed to find time to create vlogs and blog posts and motivate the masses.

That is things happening. I could have been done for or lamented all of it, but I chose to see it as an opportunity. I chose to make things happen. To make my decisions, unapologetically, and with grace. Like so many queens have done.

I made things happen.

Have you ever made things happen? It is a wonderful feeling. Making decisions that positively impact those around you…changing the world, no matter how small, feels wonderful. We all wonder what is our purpose and what impact can we leave on our world – whether that be the giant world or the world of our own lives – our little families and tribes. Grassroots is something I stand behind, and that is how I make things happen.

Every day, I make decisions that positively influence those around me. Every day, I open myself up to be positively influenced. That is what a queen seeks. Positive influence and love changed my life.

I am a queen.

I wear my crown with my head held high. I know that I have the makings of a queen inside of me. I may not rule a country (and thank goodness I don’t have that responsibility!) but I do have my own world to rule. My tribe to influence and guide.

As a child, I ate up stories of princesses and queens. Not the fairy tale ones, but the real ones. The ones that had the stories of their losses alongside the triumphs, where they wrote their own stories as they could. The ways that they were still able to do when they were legally subordinates. They always inspired me, yet, my journey to embrace my inner queen was one I needed to take.

As I discovered the five pieces of self-love that leave us feeling like queens, I changed my life. You may know them or you may have even begun your journey to embracing your inner queen. I want to hear about it. I want to support you.

That’s why I’ve created my new course, Embracing Your Inner Queen in Five. I want you to feel your power. I want you to know your worth and to hold your head high with confidence.

This self-paced course will outline these five areas, provide you with a workbook to hash it all out and a community of women ready to lift you up and share in your triumphs.

Sisterhood can be a tough find when society repeatedly teaches women to compare. We have the world against us as we launch our own businesses and blogs, looking for some way to follow our dreams. But this is our time. Together, we can do more than succeed. We will thrive! When you are a member of the Shield Sisters Initiative, you have a crazy supportive tribe of sisters behind you – pushing you to realize your potential and achieve it. You have the tools and resources you need to figure out your why and to start your journey. We will shine your crown, dust off any haters and stand beside you because that is what your tribe does.

The course is not yet available, but you can gain early access (and receive a discounted price!) through the pre-sale! Not only do that, but you could instead purchase our Gratitude Bundle – the pre-sale of the course and a spiral-bound gratitude journal from Yvonne of The Dahlia Scene! There are less than 100 available!