Writing a goals post was always one of my favorite things to do on my personal blog. It was something that kept me accountable. Lately, I’ve been battling some self-sabotaging gremlins and I feel that posting my goals and wins publicly could be very helpful for all of us!

First, be sure to join The Sanctuary to receive access to our goal setting worksheets and live goal setting session tomorrow at 1:30 pm PST!


  • Finish Embracing Your Inner Queen in Five: includes audio recordings, automation, and nurture series.
  • Set up systems for business management
  • Order products & do a photo shoot

Where Passion Meets Truth

  • Pre-record goal-setting and mindset episodes
  • Edit and schedule early in the month
  • Secure sponsors for the rest of summer

Self-Love & Life

  • Add yoga into my daily routine
  • Explore meditation methods
  • Add more doTERRA essential oils to my daily routine (currently using Breathe, Cheer, Lavender, Wild Orange and Peace on a daily basis. I am wanting to purchase and add in Balance and Motivate).

Don’t forget to send me your goal setting sheets and show up for tomorrow’s LIVE goal-setting session in the Sanctuary!

We started these goal setting sessions as an exclusive part of the Coaching Club, but I decided to expand it to our free group to offer even more to our community members! Pam from Hodge Podge Moments is our accountability leader!

What are you THREE main goals?

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