This is a podcast and community for women entrepreneurs who want to live their passion and embrace their truth! Each month, we’ll bring you a couple of guest interviews, goal setting tips and mindset changing topics to guide you on your journey of living your passion and embracing your truth. In this first episode, we really dive into what to expect each week and who we are.

We’re jumping right into the money mindset talk with our dear friend Tonya Rineer of The Profit Party! Join us as we talk about her journey from interior designer to money mindset maven and how found her genius spot where passion meets truth!

It’s time to get actionable!! Once a month we will have a goal-setting episode where we will give you actionable steps to set your goals. Megan and I LOVE helping you to set goals and watch you achieve them!
This month, we’re talking about money mindset and breaking down those limiting beliefs!

At the core of most mindset issues, is our confidence. If you are unsure or doubtful, your mindset isn’t going to stick and it isn’t going to grow. Join Raewyn as she talks to Nicole Hoglund, a confidence coach, who believes that you have everything ready inside of you. Unless you believe in your own confidence, you’re going to continue to unintentionally sabotage yourself with negative thought and your mindset will suffer.

In our first ever LIVE recording, Megan and Raewyn sit down and talk about adjusting your money mindset RIGHT NOW. So grab a piece of paper and a pen, sit down and let’s get to work. Confidence is in your future. It’s so close you can taste it.

What happens when you get three women who love self-help and improving their lives? This episode is packed with an authentic conversation with Emily Swanda of Emproved Life. We talk all things self-care, self-growth, mindset and how our journeys have changed over the years.

This month, we’re talking about how to plan out your Q2 so that you can make space for changing your life while maintaining your business.


In case you were wondering what the meaning of life was, that’s the short of it. If you got that reference, Sharon Jackson, Megan and Raewyn are doing the octopus dance. We loved the way that Sharon embraces her nerdiness within her business. It is, after all, a part of her truth.

When you’re changing your life, you’re going to need to do a lot of clarity work. That’s a given, right? But it can be scary and you can get frozen. In this episode, we talk about how to push through the fear and build your support system.

Empowerment is our thing at Shield Sisters Initiative and it all starts with how you identify yourself, right? Sometimes we get swept up into feeling like we aren’t enough or that we can’t connect with people who are similar to us. Cristin’s passion and truth intersection is right there with empowerment and connection and we dive into how she found that (and defined feminism for herself.)

Some of us are movers and shakers who are born with the idea to empower other women and to change the world. Others of us stumble upon it. At any rate, you definitely want to sit down and plan how you are going to empower and in what areas you are going to empower others.

In May’s goal-setting episode, we dive into the steps you should take to guide you on your journey as a mover and shaker.

Teaching and empowering others is an important part in leading a movement. Living as a role model means more than just inspiring every day. It means that you are living your life to its fullest while being most aware of who you are and what you need. We won’t always be in tune with that, but Tara Bosler has some great tips on understanding how to live in that spot most often.

Changing the world is a lofty goal, but some of us hold it really close to our hearts. Is it possible? Hell yeah! Do you have to be a saint like Mother Teresa? No! You can be a regular old YOU (which is neither regular or old, but you know what I mean) and change the world just by impacting ONE person. Today we talk about that mindset that will carry you through those days where you feel hopelessly lost in your big world-changing goals.

We’ve all heard the saying “You have the same amount of hours in your day as Beyonce.” and no doubt, it has either fired you up  or motivated you to go out there and seize the day. While, it’s true, each of us has the same set 24 hours in a day, what we do with that day varies greatly. We all have different priorities. My passion for my business is not less than someone else’s passion, but I may have less time because I prioritize my time to focus heavily on mom life. Today’s guest talks about leveraging your time to pursue your passion even if you have less than 20 hours a week.

Unless you’re one of the lucky few where time is of no consequence (i.e. living off grid, taking days as they come), you need some sort of time management plan, especially when you are a business owner trying to work self-care into your busy routine.

In June’s goal-setting episode, we give you actionable goal-setting steps to get started with time management today, without going out and buying anything new; you can use the things that you have on hand.

First, I wanted to slightly apologize for the raw and uncut sound of this – although, tbh, y’all know we are all about raw and uncut here at Shield Sisters Initiative. Normally, I like to cut out Delainey’s yelling or our mess ups because I know not everyone wants to listen to my kid, but we recorded this episode in a different program and I could not for the life of me figure out how to edit it on my free audio editor (don’t be a tech teacher, you’ll learn the complicated software and then be confused by the oversimplified ones #truestory). So anyway, a raw and real chat about STRESS-FREE living thanks to your diet.

Your gut health is linked to your mood.  This is scientifically proven, so eating well is integral. (Albeit, a struggle many of us face).

If you have ever been stressed then you know that letting go of that stress vastly frees up your time. Funny story, as I type this I am stressing out because I didn’t get this published on the schedule I had in mind. BUT, while editing this episode, I remembered all of the awesome tips and started to let go.

Letting go of your stress and processing through your emotions open up so many doors for opportunities and confidence. Today, Allie Williams (one of our founders!) joins me in this important mindset episode.

Moving away from time management and stress, we wanted to touch on intuition and the way that it can create more space and opportunities for you. When you are truly confident, you are more aligned with your intuition than looking outside of yourself. You are pulling power from within, and not from others.

In today’s episode, we talk to Lexi Koch an intuitive coach who helps you to identify your inner critic and your intuition.

You’re finding this podcast episode 2 days late, but I’m giving myself grace. How fitting for the podcast all about giving yourself grace. What happens when you have goals and you don’t reach them?

Sometimes we take big scary adventure jumps and figure out who we are. Other times those adventure jumps leave us lost and confused. At any rate, we can only forge our own path in this world. Join Lupita Santana on this episode of Where Passion Meets Truth about making space for yourself, moving far from home and how to prioritize your truths.

Life throws us a lot of curveballs and you have to be ready to take chances and make the jump. It is possible to create the life that you love by taking chances and following your gut. Today, we talked with Alex Jones, a business owner who started her business while pregnant with her first child, before proceeding to have 3 babies in 3 years! Her life is all about taking chances and trusting her gut.

Life throws us a lot of curveballs and you have to be ready to take chances and make the jump. It is possible to create the life that you love by taking chances and following your gut. Today, we talked with Alex Jones, a business owner who started her business while pregnant with her first child, before proceeding to have 3 babies in 3 years! Her life is all about taking chances and trusting her gut.

In this month’s goal-setting session, we talk about setting goals for our brands – whether we are just starting out, rebranding or just going through it! We talk with Shannon Vistisen, who is a past sponsor and going through a shift in her company.

When you are your brand – from all walks of life – clients are happy to refer their friends to you and your business grows. Knowing your passion and connecting your brand to it is important. Join us today as we talk to Erin Montgomery about how to gain more yesses than nos and to start your business locally first.

Authenticity is about as important as self-love (haha, aka it’s most important) when dealing with your business. It can be scary to be vulnerable and authentic, especially if you’re coming out of corporate world expectations. Are you struggling with your brand and with authenticity? Today, I talk with Morgan Plummer about this topic and she has some AMAZING tips!

When you know your passion, it’s easier to have confidence in who you are. It is definitely the first step in authentic and everlasting brand creation. We talked to Sarah about how she teaches business owners how to have confidence in their brand through her courses and design.

In this month’s goal-setting session, we talk about prioritizing and which goals to pursue. If you know me, I’m a multi-passionate so this can be especially tough for people like me!

What happens when you had a dream as a child that you actually reached…and then realize it isn’t what you really want? We’ve read so many books with that catch to draw you in, but no story is like Amy Simpkins’. Amy is a former spacecraft engineer turned life coach and speaking with her was so eye-opening!

Welcome to our special bonus episode! Today we’re focusing more on our side hustle and corporate working audience as we discuss the ways that The Whole Purpose brings nutrition and wellness into corporate companies.

Life is always changing but that doesn’t mean that you have to cling to the way it once was or fear how it will change in the future. You can continuously design a life you love with the tips we talk about in today’s mindset episode!

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