Shield Sisters Initiative
Shield Sisters Initiative
Episode 5: Adjusting Your Money Mindset in 30 Minutes

In our first ever LIVE recording, Megan and Raewyn sit down and talk about adjusting your money mindset RIGHT NOW. So grab a piece of paper and a pen, sit down and let’s get to work. Confidence is in your future. It’s so close you can taste it.

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In this episode we talked about:

  • What mindset is and how our money mindset ties into everything.
  • Writing down how you feel about money. Anything and everything.
  • Identifying which are positive and which are negative.
  • Rewriting the negative into positive. 
  • How confidence affects our money mindset.
  • Our 3 ways to focus on confidence.

Watch it LIVE!

Our favorite quotes:

  • “You are confident.You are capable. You are in control.” – Megan Kubasch
  • “Wherever you are, regardless of what stage you’re in, this is only a season.” – Raewyn Sangari

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This is only a season!

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