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Episode 6: Emproving Your Life With Emily Swanda

What happens when you get three women who love self-help and improving their lives? This episode is packed with an authentic conversation with Emily Swanda of Emproved Life. We talk all things self-care, self-growth, mindset and how our journeys have changed over the years.

This episode is sponsored by Jessica Bartram!

Jessica Bartram is a hypnotherapist and habit coach. She teaches passionate women how to change their habits and create a more mindful life. She also empowers children through meditation at Kids Who Meditate.

In this episode we talked about:

  • The podcasts that Emily have been on.
  • Knowing she is on the right path because she can no longer separate her passion from her truth.
  • Her journey from self-help love in high school to Emproved Life.
  • The myth that you can’t make a difference because of XYZ.
  • How many of us go to school for one topic and then we don’t follow through into that, and that’s okay.
  • How mindset work can be uncomfortable but it is so worth it.
  • The messages that we are constantly bombarded with and our need to wade through them.
  • All of the thoughts that we have and how not addressing things can take up space your passion and truth need.

Our favorite quotes:

  • “It’s easy for us to get swept up into this image that we have to do so much in order for it to be a difference. We have to be Mother Teresa or it doesn’t make a difference at all. But at this time we need the grassroots.” – Raewyn Sangari
  • “Being able to release that idea that once you get an education and have a job that you’re stuck is a huge eye-opening experience for the clients I work with.” – Emily Swanda
  • “We can give ourselves a little bit of grace and the permission to say ‘Ok, I want to change my mind on this but I’m not really sure what I’m going to be changing it to and it’s ok to take a little time out for me. I’m the only person that I need permission from.'” – Megan Kubasch

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If we had to give you just one tip…

Take a few minutes of quiet time. When you take some time to be in tune with your thoughts and you notice some stuff there that you didn’t realize it was there.

Follow your desires and it will lead you to it.

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More About Emily Swanda

Emily Swanda is a Productivity & Success Coach for moms at EMproved Life. She helps driven, high-achieving women design a life that leads them to success and satisfaction. As moms, we have so many roles to play and it’s very hard to balance them all and still remain sane! With some thought, planning, and carefully developed systems and routines, we improve productivity and mindset. Finally, the life you’ve always desired is right there in front of you!

In addition to working with coaching clients, she owns and operates a housecleaning business that she started in college. She is a total Type A personality and loves to clean and organize! Both of her “jobs” don’t feel like work at all. Sher and her husband have two sons who keep them busy with sports and music activities. When she has free time, you can find her reading, watching reruns of Friends, or working out.

Finding Emily

Empire of Moms

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