Shield Sisters Initiative
Shield Sisters Initiative
Episode 9: The Mindset That Will Change Your Life

When you’re changing your life, you’re going to need to do a lot of clarity work. That’s a given, right? But it can be scary and you can get frozen. In this episode, we talk about how to push through the fear and build your support system.

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In this episode we talked about:

  • How mindset can help with making life/biz/career changes.
  • Identifying what you want to be, do and have
  • The struggle of clarity work
  • How to not fall victim to imposter syndrome
  • Preparing those closest to you for your big life changes
  • Reaching out for support in all the right places
  • Our favorite ways to reinforce the clarity work and mindset shift.

Our favorite quotes:

  • “Life can be really overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. We can break it into little chunks.” – Megan Kubasch
  • “Your actual self is the person you are meant to be and the person who is a dreamer. She wants to do amazing things but your ego is that part that is like “well, it really is not for you.” – Megan Kubasch
  • “Say these words, ‘I am not an imposter. I am experienced and I know what I’m doing.'” – Raewyn Sangari
  • “Your relationships are going to change but having open conversations is going to give you that support you need.” – Raewyn Sangari

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If we had to give you just one tip… 

Be. Do. Have.

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