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Episode 10: Empowering Visionaries with Cristin Downs



Empowerment is our thing at Shield Sisters Initiative and it all starts with how you identify yourself, right? Sometimes we get swept up into feeling like we aren’t enough or that we can’t connect with people who are similar to us. Cristin’s passion and truth intersection is right there with empowerment and connection and we dive into how she found that (and defined feminism for herself.)

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In this episode we talked about:

  • How she defined feminism — back to the basics of women being equal to men
  • How her passion deepened while pregnant and in the early months of parenthood deepened her passion.
  • Her truth as a connection maven and her strengths that keep her most in flow.
  • How you don’t have to have a big a-ha moment to find your passion and truth.
  • Judgemental society vs the supportive communities for female entrepreneurs.
  • #CommunityOverCompetition
  • How we are all one humanity, and how detrimental the exclusive mindset is. You can attract more with honey than with vinegar.
  • How we need to reclaim the word feminism.
  • The way our upbringings shape our identification as a feminist, but it doesn’t define us.
  • Similarity does not mean you have to compete or be rivals.
  • Counting yourself out before you even start.
  • Cristin’s tips on connecting with someone you admire.

Our favorite quotes:

  • “You don’t necessarily have to have a big life-changing event to have that a-ha moment.” – Raewyn Sangari
  • “If you really want to win people over, then I think you do it with kindness.” – Cristin Downs
  • “People can still have strong beliefs and not manifest it in a very political way.” – Megan Kubasch
  • “Individuality is now the thing, as opposed to the bad thing it was before.” – Raewyn Sangari
  • “It’s not a matter of who is more important than who, but that men and women are equals in every way, shape, and form.” – Megan Kubasch
  • “When you do meet someone that is similar to you and you choose to make that person a friend and an ally, it always multiplies. It’s always better than if you hadn’t done that. Than if you had made some competition. ” – Cristin Downs

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If we had to give you just one tip…

Women, in general, start from a place of negative thought and when you change your thoughts, you change your judgments about yourself which changes your actions.

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More About Cristin Downs

Cristin Downs is the founder of The Notable Woman, a blog, podcast, and soon to be TV show focused on sharing the inspiring stories of visionary women making impacts in their work, community, and world. Cristin worked in the professional theatre world for over 10 years before settling into a position in higher education. She worked super exciting gigs, perhaps the most exciting at the Happiest Place on Earth – that’s right, Disneyland! She’s an ENFJ, theatre junkie, and total bookworm. She’s a mama to a tiny toddler mischief maker, wife to a hottie actor, and lives with her pet menagerie in a tiny NYC apartment. You can find her on her website, podcast, or Facebook group where she presents weekly expert speakers, all focused on women empowerment.

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