Shield Sisters Initiative
Shield Sisters Initiative
Episode 12: Living as a Role Model with Tara Bosler


Teaching and empowering others is an important part in leading a movement. Living as a role model means more than just inspiring every day. It means that you are living your life to its fullest while being most aware of who you are and what you need. We won’t always be in tune with that, but Tara Bosler has some great tips on understanding how to live in that spot most often.

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Briana Marie is a Mindshift coach and Blogger over at She has a passion for living freely and helping others manifest the life of their dreams.

In this episode we talked about:

  • How Tara empowers women through seeing their passion and capturing it into their business copy.
  • Embracing who you are no matter what that means.
  • Being a feminist mom to a feminine daughter.
  • Celebrating and collaborating instead of competing.
  • How we do not need to force it but to grow into who we are.
  • How to be quiet and just be and her tips on meditation.
  • Knowing the different activities that you need to reset your mindset.
  • Simple statements that can have GIANT shifts.

Our favorite quotes:

  • “Part of my feminist parenting is helping her to embrace that femininity when the world around her does not and helping her to figure out how to be feminine and powerful. You can still learn to be strong in a sparkly dress.” – Tara Bosler
  • “There is space for all of us in business. There is space for all of those identity markers in any given individual and to honor that and celebrate that.” – Tara Bosler
  • “It is exhausting trying to force yourself to fit into a mold when you don’t even know what the shape of that mold is.” – Megan Kubasch
  • “One way to capture that being and force myself back into the being is to go on a drive.” – Raewyn Sangari

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If we had to give you just one tip… 

Learn to listen to that voice inside. We have so many external sources of information spouting so many shoulds, we need to quiet it so that we can listen to our voice and wanting to get something done.

More About Tara Bosler

Tara is a copywriter and content creator for creative women entrepreneurs. She is in love with her precocious daughter, her nervous dog, writing engaging sales copy, and hot, hot coffee.

Finding Tara



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