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Episode 14: Time Management with Yasmin Vorajee

We’ve all heard the saying “You have the same amount of hours in your day as Beyonce.” and no doubt, it has either fired you up  or motivated you to go out there and seize the day. While, it’s true, each of us has the same set 24 hours in a day, what we do with that day varies greatly. We all have different priorities. My passion for my business is not less than someone else’s passion, but I may have less time because I prioritize my time to focus heavily on mom life. Today’s guest talks about leveraging your time to pursue your passion even if you have less than 20 hours a week.

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Laura Pennington spent most of her life preparing to be an educator and then burned out after working as a middle school teacher in Baltimore City. After started a freelance writing career on the side, she quickly replaced and surpassed her day job earnings and hit the six-figure mark in just 18 months. Since 2013, she’s worked full time for herself helping clients with content and project management by leveraging time management and digital teams. She now teaches others how to build fulfilling lifestyle businesses from home. Check out her three

In this episode we talked about:

  • Living her best life and her passion for helping others to live theirs, too.
  • Learning how to listen to that intuition and little voice about your passion. Sometimes you don’t wake up one day and have the realization.
  • Contentment and our thoughts on what it is.
  • Living in the moment, even with anxiety and as an ambitious entrepreneur.
  • Riding the high of the “next thing they’re creating.”
  • Allowing yourself to be creative and thinking “I wonder” as an entrepreneur.
  • How you can get everything done without that constant hustle.
  • Growing your business in 20 hours a week or less.
  • The importance of leveraging your time and focusing.
  • Her unique formula for Tiny Time Big Results

Our favorite quotes:

  • “As we evolve, as our life evolves and we go through different life stages, your passion evolves as well.” – Yasmin Vorajee
  • “For me, contentment means that I am really taking a breath, enjoying the moment and I am just happy where I am right now.” – Yasmin Vorajee

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If we had to give you just one tip…

Make sure there is a market need for your passion when you are turning it into a business. Be clear, and look at the wording for what the market does need.

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More About Yasmin Vorajee

Yasmin is a highly sought-after coach, trainer and speaker and the creator of the Tiny Time Big Results philosophy which is based on 4 core principles of purpose, profit, productivity, and play.

Yasmin is a former Vice President of Leadership Development and after a highly successful corporate career spanning 12 years, she decided to start her own company where she now works with small business owners, who are juggling business and parenting, grow their business in 20 hours a week or less.

Yasmin has featured in the Sunday Independent, the Irish Independent, the Irish Times and the Huffington Post as well as local and regional media. She also featured in the Global Women and Leadership Summit in 2013 alongside Cherie Blair, Marianne Williamson and John Gray (author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus).

Yasmin is from Lancashire, England and now lives in the Republic of Ireland with her farmer husband and their three young children.

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