Shield Sisters Initiative
Shield Sisters Initiative
Episode 17: Letting Go of Stress to Maximize Your Time

If you have ever been stressed then you know that letting go of that stress vastly frees up your time. Funny story, as I type this I am stressing out because I didn’t get this published on the schedule I had in mind. BUT, while editing this episode, I remembered all of the awesome tips and started to let go.

Letting go of your stress and processing through your emotions open up so many doors for opportunities and confidence. Today, Allie Williams (one of our founders!) joins me in this important mindset episode.

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In this episode we talked about:

  • Allie Williams, our guest co-host!
  • Pushing you feelings down vs feeling and processing to get through.
  • Our favorite ways of letting go of those feelings and understanding the need to get that energy out of you.
  • Why you need to stop trying and just do it (#doitafraid).
  • How your body finds a way to let go of the feelings and energy.
  • Needing a toolbox of ways to process because each emotion and event will have different triggers and ways to connect.
  • The likelihood that you will have to process through some repressed emotions that are causing you stress right now.
  • Writing down negative emotions and then GET RID OF IT.

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If we had to give you just one tip…

Letting go and processing through your emotions when you encounter a situation instead of ignoring it

More about Allie Williams

Allie Williams is a 20-something currently based in the upper Northwest. She is an Online Business Manager and doTERRA wellness advocate who blogs to inspire, educate, and encourage other entrepreneurs on their road to success! She loves to build up other women. Allie has a beautiful little girl and a fantastic husband who recently started working form home alongside her. and together they all live in Anchorage. In her spare time Allie loves photography with her DSLR, hiking in the mountains, traveling, and – let’s be honest – Netflix.

Where to find Allie:

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