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Shield Sisters Initiative
Episode 25: Having Confidence in Your Brand with Sarah Eggers


When you know your passion, it’s easier to have confidence in who you are. It is definitely the first step in authentic and everlasting brand creation. Today, we talk to Sarah Eggers about how she teaches business owners how to have confidence in their brand through her courses and design.


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In this episode we talked about:

  • Her passion of helping people to have a deep-rooted confidence in their brand.
  • The way she finds joy when her clients click and understand how to do it themselves.
  • The roundabout way she fell in love with teaching.
  • Her mentor work at Coding for Cupcakes in the Kansas City Chapter of Women in Technology.
  • How she got into web design and web development as a kid.
  • The way STEM was not encouraged as we are kids.
  • How difficult it is that we didn’t have role models that look like us in the entrepreneur world.
  • Sarah’s tips on how we find our passion.
  • Having a smiling journal and counting your smiles.
  • How the outside perspective from another can put the pieces together in your life to help you connect.
  • The unseen parts about business when comparing yourself to other entrepreneurs.
  • The way we, at Shield Sisters, got swept up into the overnight success story.

Our favorite quotes:

  • “Just because you stumble upon a new passion, doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to give up your previous passion.” – Raewyn Sangari
  • “I never saw myself as an entrepreneur because I thought I needed to have brown leather shoes, wear jeans, have a catchy t-shirt and wear a blazer.” –  Sarah Eggers

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If we had to give you just one tip…

Count your smiles

Link Drop Like It’s Hot

More About Sarah Eggers

Sarah is a web designer and marketer with a passion for helping creative bloggers and small business owners make a remarkable impression online with gorgeous web design, effective content, and an engaging social presence.

Finding Sarah

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