Did you hear the rumors that the Spice Girls are getting back together for a reunion tour? I AM SO EXCITED! (if it’s true) The Spice Girls instilled girl power into me when I was small. I was always a little feminist, but the Spice Girls really solidified the whole girl power sisterhood thing. I mean, 5 girlfriends taking on the world together? I can’t tell you how many times I watched Spice World…and then re-enacted and sang the songs…even into adulthood. There may or may not be a video on my FB drunk dancing to Spice Up Your Life.

I started to write this post a few weeks ago before the Spice Girls rumors even started. How crazy is that? Totally a message from the universe! Girl power is in resurgence – as grl pwr – with our current political climate in the United States and overall women’s movements around the world. Every day women are tapping into their girl power and freaking changing the world. It blows me away.

I truly believe that our exposure to the Spice Girls at such an important age. So here are some of the things that the Spice Girls taught (and continue to teach) us about girl power!


Sisterhood makes us stronger

Society’s always telling us that we should go against each other. Be catty. Fight amongst ourselves about everything from relationships to within our movement. But the Spice Girls showed us that we always come together. I remember how much the scene from Spice World when they all came back together despite their fight struck me. We can always come back together, no matter what. That’s the power within all of us.

And when we come together, oh how strong we are.


Glass ceilings are meant to be broken

I don’t know about you, but the Spice Girls were always inspiring me to push the boundaries. Backwards and in high heels. When every other girl band was doing what society said, these women were a force of nature, doing their part to inspire beyond their music. They were more than just an icon in the entertainment industry. They did their part to inspire girls and women to go after their dreams and break glass ceilings. Girl power, after all, is feminism.


You know your way (intuition where’s it at!)

The Spice Girls didn’t do anything by the book. They followed their intuition like women often do. They did what they wanted no matter the stage of their music careers. From firing management before they made it big, to organizing a world tour without management, the girls crushed it with intuition.

We can say no

This was a big lesson in their songs and their movement. Consent was and is everything and they showed us we have the power to say “Don’t tell me what to do” or “No” when we felt we needed to.


We’re strong enough to support our sisters’ dreams

When Gerri left the group, everyone thought it was over. They thought the girls’ relationship was forever ruined (obviously not) and that the Spice Girls were dead. But the girls knew and understood that even though they were all a piece of the group, the group could go on without them.

This is a big lesson I’ve learned through Shield Sisters as well.

It can be hard to support a sister’s dream when you thought she was on the same path as you. But girl power means we have enough strength and love in our lives that we can watch them leave and support them in their new pursuits, healing our own hurt without projecting it onto our relationship.


Our bodies are amazing – and we can wear whatever we want

The girls were always wearing crazy outfits, performing naked and shunning current fashion trends. Girlfriend, your body is amazing and the Spice Girls wanted you to know that. As I’ve been looking back over pictures, I noticed that none of them were the “perfect female body” image that we are so often told through our media. Some of the girls had abs, others didn’t, some had boobs, others didn’t, some had fat and rolls, others didn’t. The girls dressed as they wanted – even rocking crop tops without the *gasp* perfectly flat stomach.


Sisterhood doesn’t mean uniformity

Despite the girls having their “roles” as Sporty, Scary, Posh, Ginger and Baby, they were still so uniquely themselves in everything they did. Not just in how they dressed or how they were shown in the media. The Spice Girls valued each others differences and I think that was something we really didn’t see in the late 90s with the pop stars.

Did you learn anything about girl power from the Spice Girls? Are you excited for the reunion? Head on over to the Sanctuary and let me know!

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