I’m no expert on time management, but I am pretty talented at being a hot mess. I know I’m not alone in the world of women looking to go from clueless hot mess to at-least-I-know-what-I-should-be-doing hot mess. I’m definitely not promising that these things will make your life less chaotic or that you will be a superhero (I feel a disclaimer is totally necessary) but hopefully these ideas can help guide you toward something that works for you!

If you’re looking for more guidance on time management, check out Episode 14: Time Management with Yasmin Vorajee and Episode 15: Goal Setting to Prioritize Your Time.

Like I said, I use each of these in a different way and together they create a calm and superhero-like mompreneur. As you might have seen in last week’s post, I do a lot. I run Shield Sisters Initiative, my virtual assistant business, a household of THREE men, my toddler, and three dogs, am a board member for a nonprofit and somehow make time for self-care. These are my lifeline to maintaining some sort of balance.

Before I discovered these things, I was a hot mess. I mean, I thought I was a hot mess before I became a mom…becoming a mom to a strong-willed little girl who could be seen as a stage five clinger completely redesigned my life. It took me the entire first year of her life to be able to figure out SOMETHING that sort of worked. I’ve spent the last year perfecting my process and I know it won’t be long before I am in a tailspin again. For now, this is what works.

I would be overwhelmed without my Panda Planner

I used to be an Erin Condren obsessed blogger. I was able to efficiently use my Erin Condren and loved the personalization of it…until I stopped having a regular job and started having a need for a million different lists. My EC just couldn’t keep up with my multi-passionate self. I’m not good at carrying around a journal alongside my planner, either.

I discovered the Panda Planner on Amazon around the holidays and I decided to purchase one. At $25 for 6-months, it was the same price I would pay for an Erin Condren but it had SO MUCH more. I actually did an entire FB Live on it, which I’ll link below.

MUST-HAVES: The breakdown from month to week to day; how goal-oriented it is; the focus on gratitude and routines.

I would be lost without Trello

This is a referral link >> Trello saved my behind.

I used to use Asana. I liked Asana until one day I didn’t. I just wasn’t digging it so I would forget to log in and nothing would get done. Yvonne and I were using Trello for Two Moms One Podcast so I thought I would get to know it a little better. I also messed around with Basecamp around this time.

The game changer for me was the ease of dragging from list to list on Trello. It was as if I had post-it notes on a wall and I was moving them along the process like I used to do in journalism. Then I upleveled my to-do list with something that might seem silly but was a big mindset shift for me.

I made a list called MY BITCH.

Yep. I made a list called my bitch and whenever I finished something on a list, I moved it to My Bitch instead of archiving it. I would then say out loud “I MADE x MY BITCH”

Yeah, those are the types of things that motivate me.

Since then, I use Trello for everything – including planning one of my best friend’s bachelorettes and meal planning. Here’s a screenshot of my favorites.

  • My Week was from Kelsey Van Kirk and it helps me manage my daily to-do list
  • Keep reading more about the Family Command Center below
  • SSI Daily Communication is how I communicate with my team
  • I manage THREE podcasts with Trello
  • Keep track of all of my various virtual assistant projects and clients
  • and more!

MUST-HAVES: Lists; Calendar mode; app integration; team member option

I would be late to everything without my Family Command Center

My bestie Yvonne created the Family Command Center for busy parents who are trying to keep track of everything that you would have on a traditional, physical Family Command Center in your home. You’d have your calendars, lists, bulletin board stuff, dreams and more.

I always wanted a Family Command Center but I just haven’t gotten around to it. With this Trello board, I can have everything in one place. I optimized and personalized it for myself, which you totally can, too. The only part that really focuses on children are the lists for your children, which can easily be deleted. This command center is great for a couple or roommates, as well.

There is also a calendar view and you can sync your Google Calendar using some tricks (I don’t have mine synced because I don’t use this to manage my daily / hourly things.)

Grab your free Family Command Center here!

MUST-HAVES: Perpetual calendar; lists; mission statement; budgeting

I would suck at gratitude without the Lucky Dog Mail Club

Real life, only about 1/8th of our wedding guests received a thank you card, even though I ordered really cute picture thank you cards AND “we moved” postcards. I probably spent enough money to have coffee for a month and this is definitely something I think about more often than I should.

When my baby shower came around, I was like HAHA You all know you’re not getting thank you cards, instead I will love on you every chance I get.

BUT, I’m the girl who spent time saying thank you and showing my gratitude on EACH and EVERY birthday post on my Facebook wall this month.

Connecting on Facebook is nothing compared to the joy you feel when you get snail mail. I am GREAT at writing my gratitude and writing thank you cards…it’s the sending that I can’t seem to do. I can’t tell you how often I find written letters to long distance friends that never made it into an envelope. (oops, sorry Erykka, that was like half of the letters to you at basic…)

BUT then I found out about the Lucky Dog Mail Club and I KNEW I had my answer. Then Kayla asked me to be a brand ambassador and I said yes. I received the box for free (and early) to share with all of you! If you wanted to purchase one, you can get 10% off your first order with SSILOVESLUCKYDOG. Check out the box here.

Here’s my unboxing video!

MUST-HAVES: postage; a gift for me

Our Community can’t live without…

Love this topic! I organize my week on Google Cal + a custom project management system & a paper planner. 🤓
Just listened to that episode this morning! I use paper planners, one for work and one for life, and to-do lists, and I recently started using asana for client projects. Since I’m mostly on my desktop, paper planners work. If something is very relevant whether I’m on my desktop or not, I put it on my phone, so I get reminded of it, and my phone is connected to my computer as well, so, double reminder 😆 I coincidentally talked a bit about this on my IG today 😊
I use the calendar in my phone to keep tabs on appointments, meetings, and family activities. I also keep a small notebook with a to do list in my purse. I still love to physically check items off a to do list. 📝✅
I am a hard copy girl–I keep it in my planner along with a list of my most important tasks
A journal with each day broken down in lists with top priorities and tasks to be completed
I love lists. Very few apps. I only use apps for quick reminders.


What are your favorite apps and tools to manage all that you do in a day?

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