Surprisingly, we aren’t stumbling in here on a Monday morning, exhausted after last week’s whirlwind launch. (Maybe it isn’t so surprising since we try to spend so much time on mindset and self-care.)

We are here and we are so, so energized. Maybe it’s the pulsing energy we’ve felt from our Coaching Club all weekend or maybe it’s the realization that our dreams are literally happening right now, as we speak.

Whatever it is, we are basking in this feeling and we are so grateful to all of you for joining us on the ride. We thought a reflection was important for us to maintain our reputation of being real and authentic and one of you. So here it goes:

Realest of Real

If there is one word we’ve been hearing to describe the Shield Sisters Initiative that we haven’t heard about any other group is that this group is real. I mean, the word “authentic” has been thrown around like freebies lately, so it’s refreshing to hear that we are real. Even more so because that’s all we ever wanted to be. Real. Raw. Our true selves connecting with your true selves.

If you’ve watched any of our Facebook Lives (and if you haven’t, go check them out on our Facebook page!) you know that we often do these live streams wherever we currently are in life when the mood strikes – outside Allie’s husband’s Church band practice, with our little intern (Delainey) asking mom for milk on camera or in the car driving to NYC with Megan and her husband.

We want to let you into our real lives because when we do, you feel more like a sister than a client, and that’s exactly what Shield Sisters Initiative is – a sisterhood. We are not in this to pad our bank accounts and pay off debt (though the debt payoff would be a very nice perk). No, we are in this because we want to make a difference and we want this difference to be affordable!

We’ve said it before and we will say it again: coaching can seem expensive, but it is so necessary. We started the Coaching Club so you could get coaching on your level and where you could purchase more direct 1:1 coaching with each of us, at a discounted price.

So how did launching all of this feel?A true reflection on our launch and how it REALLY went via shield sisters initiative

All the Emotions

To be honest, it’s felt like a rollercoaster. I think each of us have had multiple panic attacks, excited octopus dances, moments of total overwhelm and complete disbelief that we are actually achieving our dreams.  

Last week began with a long to-do list of finishing touches for the sales page, for our webinar, the Get Visible challenge and more. As my high school journalism teacher would say, “We worked like crazy fast chipmunk ladies.”

After the webinar, it was totally surreal. We didn’t know what to do next. I mean, I talked about throwing charcoal around because I didn’t have confetti. (Yes, my roommate looked at me weird and told me I had too much coffee.) That night, I slept 10 hours compared to my usual six.

Post webinar, Allie went live in our Coaching Club Facebook Group with a coffee chat, because getting through something like that deserves some coffee and downtime with your best girls, right?

When we finished the webinar, we agreed we would take the weekend off from work, to celebrate ourselves for what we had accomplished. But here I am, writing this and some email series because I just cannot stop. You guys, I don’t need a break from this because this fills my soul more than it drains me.

I’ve worked over 25 jobs in the past 10 years and nothing has felt as rewarding as THIS. Teaching technology to kids was fun and amazing, but also totally physically draining. Serving at a restaurant introduced me to so many people and I really shined in that environment, but I would return home exhausted.

This? Oh no, this I could work all night. I consciously have to put myself to bed.

Making Room for This

Yesterday Megan posted such a compelling Facebook Live in our Get Visible Challenge Facebook group that we had to download and share it here. It’s powerful. The choice to say “No” to make room for work that fills your soul is life changing. We want you to watch it now!

Like I said above, this work fills us. Working on Shield Sisters Initiative and connecting with our Club are what we are born to do. When we say “Welcome home,” we don’t mean it as a marketing ploy. We say “Welcome home” because this is our home. This is the place that lives in our hearts. Some of the Warrior Apprentices have been saying it’s like a sleepover with your best friends, and it definitely reminds me of days in the dorms where we were working on homework but having a blast at the same time.

When something fills your soul like this you make room for it. You delegate other tasks so that you can work on that passion. That’s why people hire Virtual Assistants and Graphic Designers. We don’t want you to spread yourself too thin being a jack of all trades. We want you to make room for what fills your soul. Delegate. Delegate and give the tasks that are difficult for you to the experts. Your audience will thank you. Your business will thank you.

How Every Entrepreneur Feels

Something that has always scared me about a big launch is reading the reflection emails and blog posts from entrepreneurs where they admit that they ended up hospitalized after their first launch, or sleeping less than 2 hours a night for months.

No. No. No. No. No.

You don’t have to do that and you don’t have to feel that way! We don’t feel that way! We aren’t sick. We aren’t sitting around worrying if someone will become a Coaching Club member. No, we know that this is the place for you.

How do we know it?

Because this is from our heart. We put every ounce of ourselves into this and we know that someone out there is going to connect with it. We want you to connect with it.

We want to guide you through your launches and busy days at work with this confident, positive mindset. We don’t want you wondering what the next step is.

One of the phrases we hear all the time in coaching that is 100% true is this: We are your coaches, but you have to do the work. We cannot do the work for you.

But something that we haven’t noticed being said in the coaching world is this: We are not the experts. You are the expert.

Say whaaaaat? Why would I want to join a club where the founders are not experts?

Oh no, we didn’t say we are not experts. We just are not THE experts. We can guide you through the traffic in your head and tell you what worked for us. We can tell you what works in the blogging industry and that the numbers do not lie.

Will those numbers work for you? Maybe. Will you be forging your own path? You bet you will be!!

We don’t want you to be one of the pack, doing what everyone else is doing. We want to show you how to tap into your unique potential. That’s why there are three of us in different areas working together. To show you the deepest parts of yourself and your passion to create ultimate success. And no, I’m not talking about monetary success, but the type of intangible success that we are always seeking – the feeling of confidence and success.

The thing is, we aren’t just saying it either, we’re achieving this. We are actively coaching amazing women to tap into their own potential and to feel like they are not alone on this journey.

You are not alone on this journey.

So Grateful for Testimonies like These

Because we couldn’t say it better ourselves, we thought you might want to hear what some of our people are saying!

I love this group! It feels like such a safe place. I am actually incredibly socially awkward, and this is one of the only FB groups I’ve ever felt valued in. I rarely leave my house cos I’m so bloody sensitive, I have few friends as I don’t like socialising and I have moved cities too many times. But in here, I feel like one of the gals! Thank you!! – Mary C.

The positivity and support the coaches and other members provide is amazing. They have helped me clarify my goals and get re-energized. – Kris T.

The community is amazing. People are in all different stages of growing which makes it nice to have people to look up to and people I can mentor. – Emilie B.

This is a very unique, collaborative, & KIND place & may be what you need to take that next brave step. – Pamela M.

It all comes down to these words: We are so grateful for you, are you ready to come home??