Creating a blog or online business is more than just the creation of a course, product, space to write or even a brand. It is so much more because this creation takes a lot of self-discovery.

There are so many posts out there all about blogging or creating a blog detail how to start a blog and get into specifics. I will touch on that, but I would like to focus more on the big picture parts of blog creation. When you create a blog you have to put a lot of thought into it. This is your corner of the space. You want it to be an accurate representation of you or your brand.

Create a Brand Board

This needs to speak to you. If you think that your blog needs to be bright and colorful or pastel and glittery, then you are mistaken. Your colors need to be your own. Like planning your wedding or decorating your house, you’re not going to want to change this, at least not that often.

Currently, blogs with simple themes and a lot of white space do very well. However, a blog that has a darker color scheme will still thrive, when done in the right way. You must really think of what you like and what you want. For Be a Warrior Queen, I chose my favorite color, pink, and a teal. I like different shades of teal a lot. However, that isn’t why I chose it for my blog. I chose to use a dark teal so that it was with the same intensity as the pink and to embrace that I may have readers that are not into the color pink.

A big part of the message behind Be a Warrior Queen is that we are not all those girly girls. Some of us (myself included) like to get dirty and enjoy more androgynous things. I wanted that included. The fonts I chose are both strong and simple, sort of resembling handwriting which is my preferred font.

If you want to read more about my brand evolution, check out my interview by Emily Finta.   

For Shield Sisters Initiative we wanted something that felt fierce and strong, so we went with teals and metallics. I love how Allie has mixed in the purple/maroon (can you tell I’m not a designer) to enhance our colors. I think they give off a very strong vibe, and they were the perfect blend of our three personalities. In fact, we were all talking about what we would wear for a branded photoshoot and we ALL excitedly picked one of our colors…without even noticing. That’s how you know your branding is right. When you connect with it.

Create a Mission Statement

Many people skip this step when creating a blog, especially if it is a hobby. But sitting down and writing a mission statement will clear your thoughts and help you plan. Where do you see your blog going in the next few months? What about in the next year?

What types of topics do you want to cover? What words are in your heart, needing to get out? If these words are passionate or on a heavy topic, will you focus on that topic only?

Be a Warrior Queen has gone through many phases, but this current one will be the one I stick with because it speaks to me the most. This phase is the phase that it should have been all along, but I needed to realize that through other events in my life.

My topics are self-love, living a positive and grateful life and share my parenting journey.

Which made my mission statement into this:

Be a Warrior Queen empowers women to embrace self-love and to raise confident children. I inspire you to live your life with love for yourself free of guilt. I show you how to be the best version of yourself through the opportunity to give to and lead others. I share my motherhood journey to ensure that other moms do not feel alone. I am open and authentic because that is the only way to be the best version of me and to inspire others to follow suit. I lead by example. I inform because moms and women can only make their best decisions with the information.

At this time, it’s also important to create an ideal reader or client avatar. Megan has an amazing DIY workbook called The Ultimate Ideal Client Avatar that has done wonders for so many of our biz babes in the coaching club! This will clearly identify the critical demographics of your Ideal Client, conduct a SWOT Analysis that articulates the internal and external forces working for and against your Ideal Client and create a script for you. The Ideal Client Avatar is exactly what you need to figure out that ONE person who would be your biggest blog fan.

Create a Content Plan

It is usually easier to begin a blog with an idea of what you want to write about. I didn’t do this before I began blogging again last summer. The first few times, I would have ideas and forget to write them down. Since beginning again, I have consistently had ideas planned out 3 months ahead, at the minimum. Currently, By planning ahead you are better able to automate and make room for life to get in the way of blogging.

When you’re idea-minded, you will have more ideas coming all the time. Power brainstorming sessions are amazing. It is also great to batch your work. If you can write multiple posts ahead of time, you will be set!

Create Your Voice

This part is the most authentic, but also the most difficult.

First, grab a notebook and start writing about anything. Don’t make it a blog post yet, just write. Don’t take your pen from the paper for 5 minutes.

Next, read what you wrote aloud, preferably while recording your voice or on video.

Does that sound  like you? Does it sound similar to the way you speak or is it more formal?

Finally, brainstorm a few blog posts and record yourself speaking about them. Go back and listen and try to incorporate that into your writing. Of course, when you speak there will be too many articles, likes and uhms. Take those out.

You want to find a happy medium between your “essay writing voice” and your speaking voice. I speak very differently than I write and it is actually more difficult for me to think clearly when speaking.

As you write, your voice will get more refined and clearer. I look back at old posts in awe of how I change.

How true is your blog or business to you and your passions?